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Research demonstrates that nursing communication is the measure that most directly correlates to a hospital’s overall rating. Consequently, a nurse’s ability to communicate well and connect with patients can help build relationships, prevent errors, and provide a higher level of care.

Courtesy and Respect are concepts often confused with the idea of “being nice”, but there is a big difference.

When patients enter a hospital, they lose all power. They can easily feel that they are unable to make decisions for themselves and are stuck somewhere they really don’t want to be. Treating them with courtesy and respect isn’t about being “nice” – it’s about letting them know that they still matter. Courtesy and respect then translate into making patients a part of their own care team. Once you bring them on board, they feel more comfortable to:

  • Ask questions that they might not have otherwise
  • Offer information they may have kept silent before

You give them back some of their power by making them part of the team.

To some staff members, value-based care can feel like extra work or something that is just meant to check a box for administration—and from this perspective, it’s an understandable attitude.

Our Free Courtesy & Respect video helps administrators and nursing managers to demonstrate to staff members how these initiatives will not only improve the patient experience but how these same tactics can improve overall care and patient outcomes.

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