HCAHPS & Patient Experience Video Training Products

Improving Patient Experience and HCAHPS Scores through Patient-Centered Training

Training your staff on effective communication, active listening, empathy, setting realistic patient expectations, and exceeding those expectations will not only help significantly improve HCAHPS scores but will assist in creating a patient-centered culture.

Here’s how to get started:

HCAHPS Patient Experience Bundle – All 42 Training Videos

All 5 Patient Experience modules in one product. Save almost $500 when you purchase the bundle.

You’ll get access to:

  • Responsiveness – 8 Training Videos
  • Communication with Patients – 7 Training Videos
  • Communication on Medications – 8 Training Videos
  • Pain Management – 8 Training Videos
  • Discharge & Transition of Care – 11 Training Videos

Purchased separately: $2,485
Save nearly $500 with the bundle: $1,997

Or, purchase individual domains below.

hcahps responsiveness

Responsiveness – 8 Videos Included

The Responsiveness training videos cover the following best practices in detail: Regular Rounding, Bedside Shift Reporting, The 5-Foot Rule, and No Pass Zones.


Communication with Patients – 7 Videos Included

The Communication with Nurses training covers the best practices for courtesy, respect, listening, and explaining, including Communication Boards, Regular Rounding, Bedside Shift Reports.


Communication on Medications – 8 Videos Included

The Communication on Medications videos cover specific skills and best practices to improve staff communication on medications including the medication’s name, the dosage, the purpose of the medication, and the possible side effects.


Pain Management – 8 Videos Included

The Pain Management videos cover effective communication, responsiveness, compassion, and empathy. It teaches specific skills and best practices including Attitudes, Patient Education, Frequent Rounding, Bedside Shift Report, and Alternative Pain Management.


improved hcahps scores and discharge

Discharge & Transition of Care – 11 Videos Included

The Discharge & Transition of Care videos cover discussing plans, preferences, and goals for the patient’s discharge and continuing to keep discharge planning as a topic of discussion throughout their stay. It covers best practices and tactics related to Written Health Information, Patient & Family Preferences, Understanding Responsibilities, Medications, 6 Step Process.