Patient Education Videos – 10 Videos Included

When your patients begin their stay by having their expectations set, and then have those expectations met and exceeded by an attentive, compassionate, communicative and responsive team, they will be more likely to answer “always” to the questions on their HCAHPS survey.

The 90-second patient education videos set the expectations for their care. These videos are a perfect match with our staff training videos, which provide tactics and best practices to help them meet and exceed these expectations. This Bilateral Approach is the key.

This will help create a culture of compassionate service in your organization. A culture of caring. An Always Culture.



Video Sample:

Patient Education Videos

Features of our HCAHPS Patient Education Videos:

Short, 90-second videos allow for quick viewing and education.

Quickly set expectations for patient care that mirror the topics taught in the staff training videos.

Delivery to patients via email, website or in-room television network.

Videos focus on adult inpatient scenarios which can be applied to any hospital facility.

Patient education videos are available in both English and Spanish. The Spanish language videos were shot with a native speaker, and are not merely overdubs of the English versions.

5 Video Topics, each covered in both English and Spanish:

  • Responsiveness
  • Communication
  • Communication on Medications
  • Pain Management
  • Discharge and Transition of Care